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What are Advance Directives?

What is the difference between a Living Will and an Advance Care Plan?

What is a Medical Power of Attorney?

How is the Appointment of Health Care Agent different from the Advance Care plan?

I already have a Living Will? Do I need to create an Advance Care Plan?

Can I still make my own health care decisions once I have created an Advance Directive?

Do I need a lawyer to create an Advance Directive?

Who should witness my signature on my Advance Directive?

How can I find a Notary Public if I choose to have my signature notarized?

What should I do with my Advance Directive after I sign it?

What if my doctor or my family do not agree with my treatment choices or health care decisions?

What if I change my mind about who I want to be my agent or about the kind of treatment I want?

Download copies of the Advance Care Plan
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