GoodLife Medical Center, PLLC
1719 Kirby Parkway, Memphis, TN 38120
Dr. Lola Adebanjo, DNP, FNP.
Dr. Lola Adebanjo holds a Doctorate in Nursing Practice and
has achieved board certification as a Family Nurse Practitioner.
Dr. Lola Adebanjo acquired her Bachelor of Science in Nursing
at Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck, NJ in 2000. Master of
Science in Nursing at University of Tennessee, Memphis, TN in
2005 and the Doctorate in Nursing Practice at Loyola University,
New Orleans, LA in 2012.
Dr. Lola Adebanjo also leads the daily operations of GoodLife
Medical Center and oversees the staff members with a maternal
and fair leadership style. As a Nurse Practitioner, Dr. Lola
Adebanjo has a sincere and compassionate concern for each
Not only is she an expert at her craft and efficient in her diagnosis, she is also empathetic about the needs of her patients, taking the time to explain treatments, health recommendations, and other medical concerns with each patient and their families.

Her doctoral research into the subject of Preventive Health Care has led to incredibly successful practical applications of her findings for patients, including her groundbreaking weight loss program. Dr. Lola Adebanjo believes in working in collaboration with each patient to achieve a quality medical care.