Welcome to the GoodLife Medical Center, If you have already taken
the first step of contacting our office to arrange an appointment, then the
next step for you is to fill out our New Patient Packet. Please be
assured that any information we ask for is kept confidential.
At the Time of your first appointment we ask New Patients to:
      Arrive at the office location 20 minuites prior to their appointment

Bring with you the completed New Patient Information Form to your
first office visit, along with medications you are currently taking, You may
bring the bottles/containers or a detailed list of those medications.

A form of Picture ID is also required, (this can include a driver's licence,
passport, student or work ID).

All Current Medical Insurance cards.

A copy of any medical records you may have, from your previous
physician or from your most recent hospital visit. These can include X-
Ray or MRI film and CD's pertaining to your current medical issues given
to you by any refering physician. If you do not have these do not worry just
make sure to fill out the Medical Records Release form section.

Last but not least also bring with you your Co-Pay (if your insurance
carrier requires it). Or if you are a Self-Pay patient, be prepared to pay
for your visit at the time of service.